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Bridal Beauty Tip # 14 ~ How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day

Red lips are stunning, dramatic, and wildly alluring.
They can compliment a white wedding dress and a glowing complexion like nothing else, giving you a look that is fresh, modern and uber chic.
Super fresh and stunning - bride in a red lip
But they also can be tricky to pull off on a day as huge as your wedding day, so here are  tips for How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day.

1. Do I or don't I? 
If you normally wear a red lip, absolutely! - Go for it! If you don't normally wear a red lip, proceed with caution. Red is trickier than any other color to wear, and as it is such an attention grabber, any hiccups that occur along the way, happen front and center.

2. Balm It.
If you are planning on going red for your wedding look, make sure you start prepping a few days out. Gently exfoliate your lips then keep them super hydrated with a thick and nourishing lip balm day and night leading into your big day.
Cracked, chapped lips, even slightly chapped lips, look awful under a bold red lipstick.  Get those lips smooth and hydrated before you go near a red lipstick. Try Nuxe Nourishing Lip balm (click on image below)

3. Saturate Your Color
Choose a lipstick that has really saturated color. Pinky/nudey glosses don't really require too much color saturation, and will look fine even if the color is a little wiggly or patchy. Bold colors like reds really need dense, even pigment to make the entire lip look even. A patchy red lip looks awful.
(Click image for link to Temptu Imperial Red Lipstick)

4. Line It Twice.
I like to use two lip liners when working with red. The first is slightly darker than the lip color I'm using. This helps to create a multi dimensional lip, and stops the red from looking like it's just sitting on top of your skin. (You will blend your lipstick through this line and make it disappear, but it will still be doing it's job for you underneath.)
How-To-Wear-A-Red-Lip-On-Your-Wedding-DayThe second lip liner is the same shade as the lipstick, and you will fill the entire lip in with it. This way if your lipstick starts to come away you will have a matching color underneath.

5. Finish Strong.
Although glossy reds can be fun I don't recommend them for weddings, instead I direct my girls to a matte finish.
Mattes hold longer - glosses tend to slip more. A matte lip in a bold color lets you opt for a glowy gorgeous complexion offset with a firm brow.
Another thing to consider when thinking red lips is the fellow you are planning on kissing. 
Men both love and fear a red lip. Red lipstick commands attention, is madly sexy (it will have him thinking about the wedding night allll day long!), but if you have a glossy or satiny red lip he will fear kissing you because he doesn't want a trail of red slime all over him. A matte lip is both alluring and kiss friendly!


Monday, May 25, 2015

West Face East - How To Layer Your Skin Care, Korean Style

West Face East ~ How To Layer Skin Care, Korean Style

I'm shamelessly obsessed with Korean women and their world famous, spectacular skin. 
Ob. Sessed.


South Korea is recognized as being light years ahead in research and development of skin care products, and is known to have the very best, most high performing products in the world. 
American companies to go South Korean to buy technologies for their new products, but don't have access to everything, just some things.
The technological advances in Korean skin care, and the obsession of Korean women with having and maintaining exquisite skin run unparalleled

Stateside women typically don't think about their aging skin until there is a problem, at which point they run to the department store and buy overpriced skin care products and inject every filler and toxin they can into their faces to try and recapture youth.
Asian women see their faces more holistically. They start beauty regimens at an early age, see skin care routines as an investment in themselves. Rather than pile on heavy makeup they prefer to see exquisite skin, and the enhance it with light makeup.

It's Utopic to me.

Korean women use a famously intricate 10 Step skin care program, compared to the average American woman's 1.5 - 3 step program. Personally if you try to sell me a skin system that involves 3 steps I will run for the hills. Tell me there are 10 or 12 steps and you will have my undivided attention.

If you do use multiple skin care products you might enjoy this guide to layering your skin care like a Korean beauty queen.

STEP ONE: Eye Makeup Remover
Use an eye makeup remover to break down stubborn mascaras and waterproof eyeliners, gently dissolve eye makeup and clean the delicate eye area.
This is also fantastic for removing long wear lipsticks or any lip stains or colors that are difficult to remove.

STEP TWO: The Cleanse
Korean women use 2 step cleansing, one to remove makeup and the second to clean the skin.
My favorite is to use an oil cleanser to dissolve makeup, and if I have time use my clarisonic to do a second cleanse.
When you are cleansing your skin it is important to take time to really massage the face, which improves circulation and helps breathe new life into the skin.
Missha Near Skin Liquid To Foam is gentle and also balances the skin's pH
Missha Near Skin Liquid To Foam

For non foaming cleanser try Holika Holika Soda Pore Cleansing Cream. It has capsules containing carbonated ingredients to get a deeper clean.
Soda Pore Cleansing Cream

STEP THREE: Exfoliate
But just don't overdo it. For most people every 2 weeks is plenty. Personally I'm not a fan of skin care lines that tell you to exfoliate everyday - I think that's too harsh on the skin, and creates perpetually roughed up texture.
If you are using a scrub look for one with fine grains, not big chunky particles. Or opt for an enzyme mask that gently eats away the dead surface cells.

STEP FOUR: The Refresher
This is what we in America would call "toning", but where most toners feel like skin strippers to all but those with oily complexions, Korean Refreshers actually do leave the skin feeling softened, supple and ready to accept the treatment and moisturizing products. The thought behind it is to help remove pollutants as well as any residue from your cleanser.
Try Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshener ($23)
This refresher has collagen as its main ingredient, keeping the skin firm and moisturized, but also is alcohol free, making it ideal for all skin types.
Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshener

STEP FIVE: The Essence
Korean women consider this to be the most important step. What it does is speed the cell turnover rate, which makes skin smoother and brighter. Essence provides multiple intensive ingredients in just a single drop, and takes them deep deep into the skin where they go to work.
Personally I have noticed a remarkable difference to my own skin by adding in Essence. I'm currently using the Dragon Blood Essence ($27) from the Memebox website, but also look at the world famous Missha Essences.
Missha Near Skin Moist Capsule Essence gives double moisture benefit, plus protects skin from environmental pollutants, while leaving it sleek and soft.

Missha Near Skin Moist Capsule Essence

STEP SIX: The Ampoule 
The Ampoule is like a super condensed version of the essence. You can use ampoules to target specific skin issues - dry skin, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, excess oil - whatever the condition you want to treat there is an Ampoule or serum for it.
Missha Time Revolution Ampoule energizes, repairs and restores skin, is super nourishing and delivers intense moisture that regular skin care just cannot do!

Missha Time Revolution Ampoule

STEP SEVEN: Emulsion
Korean women understand the importance of hydrating the skin, and typically do two layers of moisturizer. 
Stateside women are always telling me that they don't moisturize because they have oily skin (which basically means a shiny T Zone). Asian women generally have more oily complexions, but still understand the importance of keeping the layers below the surface treated and hydrated. An oily surface is no excuse!
So the first layer of moisturizing is the lightweight emulsion.
For rejuvenation, nourishment and anti wrinkle concerns try 
Holika Holika Black Caviar Anti Wrinkle Emulsion ($36)

Black Caviar Emulsion
To lift skin, tighten pores, hydrate without feeling greasy, and leave skin super soft try IPKN Hydro3 Cube Emulsion ($39)

STEP EIGHT: Moisture Cream or Sleeping Pack
This is your heavier moisturizer, designed to seal in all the goodness you have layered so far, as well as treat any other specific needs, from pore minimizing to whitening to plumping to deep hydration. 
For dry skin that needs an extra boost of nourishment try
Elisha Coy Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream ($27)

Moist Up Super Hyalurone Cream
For a dewy, healthy glow, to even out skin tone and tighten up pores try SNP Pore Contraction Whitening Cream ($25)

Pore Contraction Cream
Today I am ordering this one -
SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack. (Or I might order the gold collagen one.)
SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack

STEP NINE: Sheet Masks
Sheet masks are a fabulous addition to your skin care regime, specifically treating issues, from brightening to firming, to hydrating to clearing - you name it! Every time I go on the Memebox website I end up buying more sheet masks. They only cost from $1 to about $8 on average, so are not expensive, but make a huge difference to your skin. They are wonderful to travel with too.
The cotton sheet holds the treatment product against the skin, helping it to be more effective.
Try Deep Sea Water Skin Food Mask

Sun damage ages your skin faster than anything else, so Korean women wouldn't even consider venturing outdoors without a full layer of potent SPF on their skin. 
Try the Missha All Around Safe Block SPF 50

Bonus step: STEP ELEVEN: Mist
I love this one! Facial mist can be used at any time. You can breathe life back into tired looking makeup with a quick spritz, you can revive your skin at any time, (especially wonderful if you sit in front of a computer all day) I often start my entire skin care process with facial mist. Facial mists are fabulous for every day use as well as being magic on long haul international flights!

It's Skin Facial Solution Water Mist
All products in this blogpost are available through Memebox.
Click on any product link or on the advertisement below.

Memebox Starter Kit #Beginwithskin

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5 Steps to A Perfect Start To Your Day

 I have been busy shooting a campaign for Google all week, which has left me a bit behind on my blog schedule, so today I am reposting a blog entry from Career Girl Daily.
I have to say I absolutely need each and every one of these!
Click on the link at the bottom of this post to see more posts from Career Girl Daily

5 Morning Moments Every Girl Needs!

Everybody likes a lie in and morning’s can be hard work if you don’t get enough sleep. It can be impossible to convince yourself to actually get up, especially if you’re doling out your precious time for a shower, choosing your outfit and doing your makeup and hair. But it’s important to make the most of your mornings, they can help determine the rest of your day and lay foundations for better habits and a more productive week. If you’re struggling to make the most of your mornings, here’s five morning moments every girl needs!
morning routines
Photo from Darling Magazine
#1 Water
It’s important to rehydrate yourself after a night’s sleep. So as well as splashing your face with cold water, you should try to drink some. Add some sliced fruit to your water and put it in the fridge overnight for a delicious and healthy drink in the morning.
#2 Breakfast
Never underestimate the importance of breakfast. It stops you having hunger pangs before lunch and can give you a burst of energy for the rest of the day. Make sure you have a breakfast packed with nutrients and vital ingredients to give you a spring in your step for the rest of the day.
morning cereal
Photo from Whizpered
#3 Stretches
If you’re so inclined, doing some brief stretches in the morning will help limber you up for the rest of the day. Use an app like Yoga Studio to do stretches at home, it gets the blood pumping, improves your posture and can banish a number of health problems.
#4 Visualise
Take a moment to think about the day ahead of you and focus on the positives. Even if you’re dreading the day ahead, think of all the little happinesses ahead of you and try to make sure you’re feeling good about this day.
#5 Socialise
It’s nice to get some chatting done in the morning, you don’t want to be boxed off with colleagues all day feeling anxious and stressed, so don’t compromise your socialisation. Having a giggle in the morning can help you relax and realise it’s not the end of the world if you have a bad day!
Read more posts like this at Career Girl Daily

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What To do In Capri ~ 8 Of the Best Things To Do In Capri

Just a half hour ride from Naples and about 40 minutes from Positano by hydrofoil, Capri is synonymous with impossible glamour, style, and celebrity.

Capri by night

The island is exquisite, with so much to see and do, but most tourists barely make it out of the central Piazzetta.
If you are heading to Capri this summer, or ever, here is my list of 8 Things To do In Capri:

1. Buy World Famous Capri Sandals.

buy sandals in Capri

You have to take the funicular from  Marina Grande to Piazza Umberto I anyway, so while you are there turn right and walk along to Schettino and visit my friend Aldo. He made sandals for Jackie Onassis, he makes sandals for me, and he has made sandals for readers of this blog from all around the world, so he might as well make sandals for you too!

last year with my friends Aldo and Lydia Schettino at their sandal shop in capri

 (When you go in there make sure you tell them you read this blog - they love to hear about it!)
Once you've bought your sandals, get as far away from the tourist crush of the Central Piazzetta as you can.

2. Go For A Walk
walking in Capri

My favorite thing to do in Capri is to walk. Even if you are there on a cruise and only have a few hours, go buy some sandals, then point yourself in any direction and walk. As soon as you are a couple of blocks from Central Piazzetta you will discover a whole different Capri, devoid of tourists and crowds. Discover the walkways, the homes, the Roman villas. Take in the staggering views and breathe in the heady scent of honeysuckle and lemons.  

3. Visit Villa San Michele, Anacapri

The view from Villa San Michele, Anacapri, Capri

"My home shall be open in order to let in the sun, and the wind, and the voices of the ocean, like a Greek temple, and there shall be light, light everywhere!"

stroll along the walkways at Villa San Michele

Axel Munthe's home with it's unbelievable panoramic view from the north eastern side of Anacapri is now a museum housing Roman and Egyptian artifacts. The museum is wonderful as are the gardens and the chapel, and the view of the Bay of Naples.

4. Take a ride in a convertible taxi

taxis in Capri

The taxis in Capri are like none other! It's fun to take a spin around the island in one of their taxis. From the Central Piazzetta take a taxi to Anacapri or to the Blue Grotto.

Booking.com5. Check out the Blue Grotto.

inside Capri's Blue Grotto

Like visiting St Marks in Venice (read about it HERE), you somewhat have to go to the Blue Grotto when you are in Capri. 
Take a taxi from the central piazza - the ride is lovely. You only actually spend about 2 minutes inside the grotto, but its a magical two minutes! I went with my best friend in the world, and will never forget it.

6. Take A Boat Trip.
The most lovely way to see Capri is by boat. Take an excursion and see the island from the ocean. stop off at little beaches, have a swim, float around and be completely wowed.
Gianni's Boat Excursions, Capri

Gianni's Boat Excursions Capri

7.Take The Chairlift To Monte Solaro


This is the highest point on the island,and the views are so spectacular they will remain imprinted in your mind forever.

chari lift to Monte Solaro, Capri

(If you are scared of heights, and I am, the ride up will stay with you forever too!)

8. Get Some Beach Time

Fragalioni, Capri

Make like a super star and get yourself some beach time, far from the madding crowd. From the Punta Tragara viewing point there is a little track that takes you to the rocks at the foot of the Faraglioni (the 3 giant rocks always associated with Capri). There are 2 private beach clubs, each with a wonderful restaurant, my favorite being  Da Luigi.

Da Luigi, Capri

The great thing is you don't have to scale the mountain back up at the end of the day - both private beach clubs will boat shuttle you back to Marina Piccola.

NORDSTROM - Shop Kate Spade New York Summer 2015

Rihanna Dior Campaign - Dior Secret Garden

Can you even handle this??


How completely beyond fabulous is Rihanna's Dior campaign??
That face! That makeup!
I am obsessed with this.
And check out her fierce as hell strut in her 60 seconds (of absolute glory) commercial after these images. The body, the walk - Dior has aced it with this campaign.

Dior Secret Garden




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Charlotte Tilbury Cannes Film Festival Looks

Superstar makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created stunning red carpet makeup looks for Sienna Miller and Miranda Kerr in Cannes this week.

Stunning, non?
Charlotte has tutorials and a product guide for each look on her website. Check them out here: Cannes Film Festival Looks 2015

Personally I can't wait to get my hands on Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl and Walk Of Shame!

Charlotte Tilbury Looks Campaign
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